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Non-stop dewatering under all conditions with Sykes

Sykes dewatering pumps are readily available from Integrated Pump Rental.

Reliable dewatering underpins the success of projects from construction and mining to municipal works and flood recovery, and this is where Sykes pumps have earned their formidable reputation.

“The Sykes range of dewatering pumps are known for fast and effective control and removal of everything from clean water to slimes, sewage, sludge and liquids laden with solids,” says Lee Vine, managing director of Integrated Pump Rental, which markets the range in southern Africa.

Vine highlights the pumps’ hardened stainless steel internal components as key to their robustness, allowing them to deal with unpredictable water quality across applications in many industries.

“The tough 316 stainless steel impeller and wear plate construction make the Sykes pumps ideal for harsh duties on construction sites, in mines and in sewage bypass environments – with high water flow and long pipe runs,” he says.

Among the popular options is the Sykes Primax Contractors Range of diesel-driven pumps. These are cost efficient and fully automatic priming pumps, with an oil bath mechanical seal assembly allowing units to run dry for long periods. They can self-prime with long suction hoses and manage lifts of up to 9 metres. Users can rely on the pumps not to clog up easily, as they can handle solid matter of up to 90 mm in size.

For more demanding lifts, the Sykes Xtra High Head model has pumping capabilities that reach maximum heads of over 200 metres, with series and parallel configurations to facilitate higher heads and increased flow rates.

Not having to continually attend to the pumps is a major advantage, adds Vine. If water levels fluctuate, the pump will ‘snore’ safely until there is enough liquid to allow it to reprime itself automatically.

“Sykes pumps can therefore be run mainly operator-free, and for longer,” he says. “Our diesel-powered units come standard with a fuel supply of at least 27 hours; this is considerably longer than the usual 12-hour refill intervals.”

Vine emphasises, though, that careful selection is vital to ensure optimal performance in any specific application. The team at Integrated Pump Rental, with their technical expertise and decades of experience in the market, can advise on the most suitable and efficient dewatering method.