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Mobile solution launched to great effect

SSG Consulting CEO Steven Golding discusses the KEY360 system. Camerawork and Editing: Nicholas Boyd.
Photo by Bloomberg
MOBILE SOLUTION The KEY360 mobile app enables users to have instant access to business process data and to conduct transactions quickly using their cell phones
Photo by Reuters
INFORMATION SHARING The development of the KEY360 mobile app was inspired by social media

Specialist business and project management consultancy SSG Consulting has introduced its newly developed mobile application (app) for its KEY360 management software.

The app was showcased at the Mobile App Launch breakfast in May at the Johannesburg Country Club.

During the launch, SSG Consulting CEO Steven Golding explained that KEY360 is a complete cloud and Web solution, facilitating strategy execution and corporate networking across different organisations in one secure system.

KEY360 encompasses all verticals in a business, with 140 different business processes in one software. The software also provides unlimited global access, with no duplication of business processes.

“When conducting business processes, data overload is a big problem. Workers have to sift through large volumes to discern what is important and what requires their attention at relevant times.”

The development of the KEY360 app was inspired by social media, specifically regarding the way people want to interact with each other, and the methods of transactions that facilitate this. “The app’s functionality was modelled on WhatsApp, with information flow uncannily similar to that of the messaging app,” added Golding.

Based on numerous algorithms, the app prioritises workflow data from its 140 systems for each user into a uniformed stream of information. It contains a snooze function to momentarily pause tasks and passes the information to the next relevant person.

The app enables users to have instant access to business process data and to conduct transactions quickly using their cellphones.

Golding explained that the app had much scope in project management application. For example, technical queries are a burdensome facet of projects because they start in a set place and must be transferred from one organisation to another, which is time-consuming and troublesome to manage.

Therefore, the app facilitates a significant change in workflow by allowing for the relevant documentation to be transferred between organisations through easy transactions.

Another typical application for project management is site tracking. Golding commented that constituents of projects are often lost on site. However, owing to its mobility, the app can record geographical locations. This can be used to document manpower and physical items on site, creating an integrated geolocation data map.

The app is currently free of charge to organisations who have already purchased the original KEY360 software.

Data use on the app is minimal. As with KEY360, the app does not maintain constant connection to the central database, but is refreshed to update the database as required.

The next phase for SSG Consulting is building complete integration into the app – adding online shopping, social media, banking, artificial intelligence and augmented reality (to name but a few). This is an integral part of its vision to enable users to access a single application for all their requirements.

Golding acknowledged that it is human nature to be distracted from work-related tasks. Once the complete integration feature is developed, the app will enable users to perform other tasks within the same workflow while at work without losing productivity.

SSG Consulting’s focus on achieving staff behaviour modification is achieved by using KEY360’s visualisation ability. The app incorporates a real-time data feed of business workflow, similar to a Facebook feed. This monitoring and visualisation of work processes improves work efficiency dramatically. A further benefit for organisations is displaying where work is not being done or is being delayed.

Golding highlighted that SSG Consulting had been studying the feel-good reaction created by the body on the release of the chemical compound dopamine when certain actions are performed. This phenomenon, generally found in sport and online gaming, for example, also seems to occur when users use the KEY360 app.

The accessibility of the app will also make normal working tasks easier for users. “We need to innovate software that accommodates how the current generation works. KEY360, and especially the app, provides desirable instant gratification.”