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Connectivity plays a key role in the mining industry

As COVID-19 hit South Africa, the mining industry, like every other industry, has begun to grasp the enormous benefits of digital transformation and uninterrupted premium-grade high-capacity connectivity.

Artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of things (IOT) and advanced analytics, among other technologies, are demonstrating their efficiency, productivity and safety advantages across the mining value chain. These enablers are showcasing the multiple ways digitisation can enhance the mining sector, but doing so requires a strong and resilient network designed to be fit-for-purpose and support a mine's strategic business needs.

For the sector to truly realise the full benefits of digitisation, which includes automation and autonomy, connectivity is critical – something that is not always easy to achieve in challenging remote regions with similar connectivity availability and reliability as found in urban regions. Many factors can have an adverse effect on connectivity on mines, everything from dust, heat and moisture, through to the mineral itself that is being mined.

It is imperative to not only understand the environment for the best connectivity solution, but also to ensure it meets the specific requirements for the mine to operate productively at full capacity.

Comsol’s more than two decades of experience in mining connectivity has an abundance of knowledge and experience building tailored solutions in some of the most remote and harsh areas. Through the years, Comsol has built long-standing partnerships with global wireless manufacturers focusing on the carrier-grade technology space.

Comsol offers a suite of robust wireless connectivity solutions ranging from 2Mbps to 30Gbps with integrated WiFi and IOT services across South Africa. Comsol’s services are all backed by tailored SLAs that are proactively monitored by our 24/7/365 NOC. Thinking automation, autonomy, efficiencies, productivity and visibility of operations, think no further than Comsol, which will connect all aspects of your business without putting a dent in your budget.

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