Push to Talk

7th October 2010

What are the key products and services that your company is exhibiting at Electra Mining?

Push To Talk or PTT as it is commonly known is a two way communication system using the GSM Cellular Network with a cellular device. It is suited for any organisation or industry which have a number of personnel out in the field or establishments where costs could be kept to the minimum.

The service uses the existing GSM cellular network infrastructure to facilitate communication which means there is virtually no limitation on the geographical coverage. It can also be used cross border where applicable. There are no infrastructure or associated rental costs nor are there any annual license fees.

What are its applications?

PTT allows the user to carry one device for both GSM and PTT calls. The user can make a one to one call to an individual or make a group call to a larger number of users.

The Web based administrator (XPA) application provides a convenient way to manage list functions and provides easy on line access to groups and contacts. It gives the user access to manage his/her portfolio and the user can easily add, delete or edit individuals or groups on the contact list.

What makes the product unique?

The Sonim handset used in conjunction with the PTT are exceptionally strong and rugged. They also come with a 3 year unconditional guarantee. This means that should anything happen to the device in 3 years we will attend to it and or replace it at no cost to the client. This eliminates any maintenance or replacement costs normally associated with two way radios and cell phones.

Where was the product developed?

The technology was developed by Sonim Technologies Inc. established in 2000 in San Mateo. The company Sonim is based in the USA and have a world wide foot print. They are also very involved in developing specialised rugged handsets, namely, the Sonim range of handsets.

Has the product been imported or manufactured locally?

The technology and the handsets come from Sonim Technologies who are based in San Mateo, California and PTTA is the exclusive distributor of the Sonim products and services in Southern Africa.

On which projects, if any, has the product been used successfully?

PTT is currently being used in a number of industries viz Construction, mining, transport, security, logistics, maintenance teams etc. Emergency services utilise it as a back up system to their current communication. We have also been successful in rolling out PTT to some of the municipalities in and around South Africa.

Is the product exportable?

Push To Talk Africa, the exclusive reseller for PTT in South Africa are currently branching out into other parts of Africa to resell PTT. Current areas of interest are Tanzania, Mozambique, Namibia and Lesotho.

Background on the company marketing the product?

Push To Talk Africa (Pty) Ltd is a wholly owned BEE company formed in 2007. The Head Office is based in Durban central with regional offices in Johannesburg. The company is the exclusive distributor of PTT and Sonim products and services in Southern Africa and have been growing the market for over 3 years.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

PTTA also offers a Dispatcher which works like a control room environment. This is for larger companies who require perhaps a control room for vehicles to call into for information, updates, instructions etc. The Dispatcher is a software based application for your PC and would be able to patch calls together, barge into a call in the case of an emergency, group calls together and even record data.