Engineering Supplies

4th October 2010

We supply products and services across a broad sector of Mining & Industrial applications, having acquired sole agencies to distribute reputable international brands in South Africa and the African Continent.

We are leaders in the supply of chain, lever and electric hoists to the gold, platinum and coal mining sectors. We are also major suppliers of other industrial products and services to a broad range of commercial, industrial and utility sectors.

We started in 1897 as a grain merchant supplying the needs of an ever expanding mining community, providing feed to the horse and carriage transport of the period. Evolving into a motor body shop with the advent of the motor car, we were one of Johannesburg's first panel beaters in a young city. Johannesburg continued to grow reinventing itself as the industrial capital of South Africa.

The Cooper family saw the need to start the engineering supplies division. This was launched with the agency for Carver Clamps which to this day, are still sold by the company.

The 70's saw the business move gradually towards importing and trading with mining, lifting and trading equipment, having acquired the agency for the Nitchi range and thus having established our footprint in the Engineering Supplies and Mining sector. Other lifting related products followed, adding impetus to our growth and soon we held contracts providing quality equipment to a demanding industrial sector.

The 80's saw the first branch opened in Welkom, thereafter Trichard and Rustenburg followed. New shareholders inspired our growth in the new millenium with continued growth in infrastruture and with the additional rollout of countrywide branches and a wider vision.

Today we stand proud with over a 100 years of service to industry, still employing members of the original pioneering family that cast the strong foundation of what we are today. Together with all the modern innovation in modern technology and substantial human and capital investments, we ensure that we represent the best in the industry.

Today we are considered leaders in our industry, having grown into a nationwide operation proudly incorporating out motto "Moving Materials Safely"

We supply products and services across a broadd sector of Mining & Industrial applications. having acquired sole agencies to distribute reputable brands in South Africa and the African continent.

We are leaders in the supply of chain, level and electric hoists to the gold, platinu and coal mining sectors, complying with all the recognised Internation and South African standards and accreditations.

Through our extensive branch network and our strong management and professional sales staff, Engineering Supplies surges forward into an ever expanding market. Fueled by the enormous growth in company and infrastructural spending, both in the private and public sector, Engineering Supplies can truly say we are a leading and premium supplier of safe meterials handling solutions and associated engineering products and services.