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Hazleton Pumps News

Company launches on-site mechanical seal replacement

1st February 2019 Heavy-duty slurry pump manufacturer Hazelton Pumps launched its latest innovation, the Hazelton Pumps On-Site Mechanical Seal Replacement System, for its Hippo slurry pump range used predominantly in mining. “The system is designed so that the client can replace the mechanical seals of the pump... 

SA Hippo in demand for US coal mines

1st February 2019 The HIPPO flameproof, medium/high voltage, submersible slurry pump manufactured by heavy-duty slurry pump manufacturer Hazelton Pumps is regarded as the world leader when pumping acidic liquids containing solids at high heads and high volumes and has been exported to the major mining countries.... 

HAZLETON PUMPS® gives ten reasons for purchasing HIPPO submersible slurry pumps®

20th November 2018 1  COMPETITIVE PRICE Being locally manufactured in South Africa HAZLETON PUMPS® has ensured that the most effective manufacturing processes are followed in the manufacture of the components and therefore will match any equivalent quotation on the condition that the submersible pump is used in... 

SA manufacturer wins Sassda Export Award

12th November 2018 Heavy-duty Slurry pump manufacturer Hazleton Pumps® has won the Export Achievement Category at the bi-annual Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association (Sassda) Columbus Stainless Awards for 2018. Through the design and development of new products, HAZLETON PUMPS® is set to grow as a... 

HAZLETON PUMPS introduces the SA HIPPO submersible slurry pump on-site mechanical seal replacement system.

6th November 2018 The HIPPO Submersible pump range has been successfully in use since 1984 and HAZLETON PUMPS decided to re-design this range of pumps in order that the mechanical seals can be replaced on-site by the user without having to remove the shaft, bearings, the electrical stator winding or the pump... 

SA HIPPO submersible slurry pump enters the USA steel manufacturing market.

23rd October 2018 After participating in the CIM 2018 held in Vancouver, Canada, HAZLETON PUMPS was requested to visit one of the largest steel manufacturers in Ohio, USA; being Timken Steel. Timken Steel applies their metallurgical and production expertise to manufacture high-performance seamless mechanical tube... 
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