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Pump manufacturer 
enters Russian market
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28th August 2009
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South African slurry pump manufacturer Hazleton Pumps believes that pumps play a significant role in the mining process, as pumps assist most under-
ground mines owing to the incapacitating factor water brings to the mining process.

The company, which services the local, African and international industries with specialised pumps and pumping solutions, adds that there has been immense pressure from mines to produce high-quality pumps at a low cost of ownership to reduce production losses owing to flooding.

Hazleton Pumps believes that it has established itself as a solid presence in the pumping arena by providing ongoing product effi-
ciency, reliability and capability. 
The Hippo pump range has been deemed so cost competitive that international orders have also been flowing in, particularly from Canada and Russia.

The company was approached to design and build economical vertical spindle pumps for a water treatment plant for KMAruda, a magnetite mine in Gubken, in the south of Russia.

These ongoing Russian orders are of great significance to Hazleton Pumps as it is a clear indication of the price competitiveness of the locally designed and built product on the 
international market even when taking into consideration the current economic situation.

Further, the company has established 
itself as a dynamic, innovative and client-
orientated business by producing breakthrough designs such as the twin volute 
design to provide a balanced radial thrust for improved operation. This breakthrough 
design allows the thrust from the bottom of the pump to be balanced by a double discharge with 180˚ support. This design is also used on all Hippo models.

Further, designs include corrosion-resistant materials, which are used to pump acidic liquids with solids present. The 316 stainless steel has a very high wear rate. This has led to the design, development and manufacturing of a complete range of stainless steel submersible pumps locally, which uses specific alloys that are both corrosion and abrasive resistant. These pumps are specifically used for acid mine dewatering at an openpit coal mine.

In addition, the latest developed Hippo high-voltage submersible pump range is 
capable of pumping 400 ℓ/s at a steep pressure of 5 bar. 
Mines are the primary beneficiaries 
of this development owing to the situation that exists when stormwater floods the mines.
When mines are flooded, it creates 
hazardous environments, which are unsuitable for mining activities, bringing most mines to a halt.

Down time created by flooding can easily cost mining houses up to R250 000/h, which is an uneconomical and unproductive situation.
Designing the high-voltage pumps that can prevent this type of flooding has added to the success story of the Hazleton Pumps family.

As an ISO 9001-accredited company, Hazleton also manufactures flameproof pumps, motors and switchgear enclosures to International Electrotechnical Commission 60079 specifications.

The various industries served by Hazleton Pumps include coal, chrome, platinum and gold-mining, as well as pulp and paper, sugar, steel processing, aggregates, chemical processing and waste disposal.

Further, Hazleton Pumps believes that it is well positioned to continuously grow the domestic interests as well as its existing interests in African countries, such as Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique and Angola. The company is also aiming to increase its footprint in overseas countries, such as Canada and Russia, which will provide a base for even more growth in international markets in the future.

Edited by: Shannon de Ryhove


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Hippo pumps
The high-voltage submersible pump range is capable of pumping 400 ℓ/s at a steep pressure of five bar

Hippo pumps The high-voltage submersible pump range is capable of pumping 400 ℓ/s at a steep pressure of five bar