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Delkor renamed to align it with brand identity of Tenova Mining & Minerals
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7th June 2013
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Solid-liquid separation and mineral processing applications specialist company Delkor has been rebranded to Tenova Delkor, aligning it with the brand identity of advanced technologies, products and engineering services supplier Tenova Mining & Minerals.

The rebranding is part of Tenova Mining & Minerals’ integration process to align all its heritage brands under a single, strong, common identity, without losing the considerable brand value and reputational advantages that have been established by these brands over their extensive histories, says Tenova Delkor sales and process manager for sub-Saharan Africa Grant Millar.

“The brand identity change to Tenova Delkor aligns Delkor with the Tenova Mining & Minerals values and offerings focused on providing innovative technological solutions and full process and commodity knowledge to clients across the mining and minerals value chain,” he says.

This alignment also reinforces the ability of Tenova Delkor to provide its clients with innovation-driven advanced technological solutions, Millar adds.

“There are many opportunities to exploit the synergies between Tenova Delkor and Tenova Mining & Minerals. The most important is the ability to put together combined technical offerings that draw on the capabilities, tech- nologies and equipment of all the business units.

“There is significant advantage, in terms of opening doors for Tenova Delkor to new clients, on the basis of the high profile of the Tenova brand in areas such as Brazil, the Commonwealth of Independent States and the US, where there is significant market expansion potential,” Millar says.

The geographical footprints of Tenova Delkor and Tenova Mining & Minerals complement each other, he says, adding that Tenova Mining & Minerals’ existing global network comprises offices focused mainly on openpit mining, bulk materials handling, and engineering, procurement and construction management services, while Tenova Delkor’s network provides a mechanism to support clients on the process side.

Tenova Mining & Minerals, as a group, will also benefit from the ability to combine infrastructure such as warehousing and workshops.

“For our people within Tenova Delkor, the alignment gives them a stronger sense of belonging and alignment with the values of the Tenova Mining & Minerals group – in addition to the greater career opportunities and potential for personal growth that being part of such a large group presents,” he adds.

Tenova Delkor’s customers now have the assurance that the company is an integral part of a major organisation, with access to its worldwide network of engineering resources and technologies.

Millar points out that the rebranding will not change the service offering, management, people or structure of the company.

“The Tenova Delkor structure will continue to be driven by the offices in the three regions – the Americas; Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa; and Asia-Pacific and sub-Saharan Africa – each housing the sales- and project-execution capability, as well as all associated services,” he says.

This organisational structure ensures that each major global centre is staffed with engineers assigned to gain an in-depth knowledge on specific products. These specialists offer a combination of experience and product-based process knowledge and are also tied into a global grouping that meets and communicates regularly.

The knowledge gained in one part of the world is disseminated and applied in other similar applications, so our clients benefit from face-to-face technical discussions with our local experts, who can draw on global experience to offer the best local solution.

“Tenova Delkor backs up its local specialist support with a range of services, which include pilot-plant and laboratory testing; specialised process design to suit the specific application; technical reviews of the installation; advice on the layouts for ease of operation and maintenance; capital equipment supply, including all associated documentation for aftermarket support; specialised engineering services for installation, site start-up and process fine-tuning; ongoing maintenance support and spare-part supply; and a modular plant capability to supply and start standalone operations,” says Millar.

Tenova Delkor can also tap into low-cost fabrication centres worldwide. These centres are subject to Tenova Delkor quality standards at the point of delivery, he concludes.

Edited by: Martin Zhuwakinyu


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